Anyone shoot a dead release??


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    Anyone shoot a dead release??

    Wondering how many of us are shooting a "dead release" or a "pull through style"???? Thoughts on what is better?
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    Pretty dead for me. That's the way I started and never changed. Works for me but I know the preferred is a pull thru style.

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    I use a "dead" release in that my hand does not move much; just a little to the rear. But it is not a "conscious" release. I do not "decide" to let go.

    My bows of late have been bows with a distinct wall, which I like. I pull to the wall firmly. I suspect that if I was shooting a bow out of a distinct valley, I might see more pull through. I did have more release hand movement to the rear with recurves.

    It seems like to me that if you transfer the hold to the back muscles, and relax the draw hand and arm, that at least a little rearward movement would be normal.
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    I use a pull-through release...I pretty much have to, or else I start "Flicking" the string off my fingers, or I will collapse into the shot....Harperman
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