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    Let us know how the yrd versus +'s works out Reloader..... thinking about doin your exact setup....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redm2 View Post
    That scope is a little stuby... To the point of being somewhat ugly! My xb30 looked a lot better, imo. I just hope it turns out to be a really good scope.
    Funny ... normally I don't give much thought to how a scope "looks" on a weapon. Focusing on this rig ... I think it's pretty well proportioned. The fact that the scope is mounted all the way back says to me that it's ideal for eye relief too. I usually have mine as far forward on the picatinny, plus all the way forward in the rings and STILL don't get the eye relief I want on a crossbow.
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    I wanted to give Wyvern a plug for great service. I ordered the Hawke on Monday and received it on Wednesday! Talk about fast shipping.

    The scope arrived in great condition. It's very compact, well made and the reticle is very cool looking. I think it's going to look fine when it's mounted.

    There is one issue that I ran into... The Excalibur scope rail is as long as the scope. When trying to use Excalibur's Vari-Zone rings, if the scope is mounted all the way forward the eye piece of the scope touches the mount and if the scope is mounted all the way to the rear the scope's objective touches. So I bought some medium height Weaver rings to raise it up but either the rings are too wide or the rail is narrow because the rings won't tighten down to the rail. It could be that particular pair of rings are out of spec.

    Looks like I'll have to give Wyvern another call for rings that will work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wapster View Post
    Let us know how the yrd versus +'s works out Reloader..... thinking about doin your exact setup....
    Will do wapster. Should have everything in sometime next week.

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