Spring test drive on the Best Turkey Decoy


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    Spring test drive on the Best Turkey Decoy

    10 birds took arrows in 3 days. More to come...

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    Nebraska was good. Click on the link to see a body language clip and story-

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    Best Turkey Decoy - To hen or not to hen.jpg
    Some early season toms ready to jump our boy-

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    Birds are still Grouped up. A Few more days should change that. They Just starting to break up in Iowa.

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    Dave Constantine on early season birds.

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    Pro Staffer Scott Pack knows how to kill birds with a bow-
    scottpack nevbraska2012bales.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Clark Massa gets his first on a $6 non resident youth tag in Nebraska over the Best Turkey Decoy

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    decoy 4-9-12.jpg
    BTD takes no prisoners!!!

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    BTD Getting it DONE!.jpg

    When BTD has done its job this is what you should see!

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    BTD, Bloody decoy.jpg
    You know the tom was tight when this happens!!!

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    BTD, First one out of the box.jpg

    Let the games Begin!! First one out of the box and 1 hour later....... Great photo.

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    BTD, I can pose better than you.jpg

    This guy thought he would try to out pose the BTD!

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    Watch this triple in nebraska opening weekend.

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    Notty took Mallory Mashburn out and they scored 3 NE Gobblers. Nice work Justin-


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    bestturkeydecoy.com stick bows and turkeys

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    Groups of 3 come in and only one gets to leave. This pick came in from South Dakota with no name attached.

    btd and 2 dead turkeys.jpg

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    To help get the word of mouth going we are offering free freight to the first 10 people in each state who buy on the website bestturkeydecoy.com

    Just use the abbreviation for your state as a coupon code (i.e. MN for Minnesota) at checkout.

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    Safari 7.jpg

    Don Massa spends a lot of time in the woods each spring. He made the switch to bestturkeydecoy because of the attention to detail and proper body posture drives big toms nuts. Nice work Don-

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    Scott Pack stretches his string on a nice tom over the bestturkeydecoy.com

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    kuck turkey decoy pic.jpg

    Lance Kuck was having troubles with this double bearded tom until his bestturkeydecoy showed up-

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    3 yard shot. Even a 1967 Bear recurve can pull that off-

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    Dec 2005
    Just orders mine today, can't wait to watch it get beat up.

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    Dec 2007
    I bought the best turkey decoy this year to use on my spring turkey hunts and it is the best decoy I've used hands down! The realism is unbelievable and you can't beat that for under $100. If you are a serious turkey you need to get a best turkey decoy.

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    RThanks Cot. Mary shot her first bird ever today. Came in and stomped the new kid on the block.

    Mary's first turkey.jpg

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    BTD turkey Zach H 2012.jpg

    My BTD was fresh off the UPS truck and I shot a double with it the next morning. I don’t have face book but I put a pic on my wife’s hope that counts so I can get more chances to win.
    Thanks guys for an awesome looking decoy.

    Zachery Holkesvik

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