2003 chevy 2500hd battery drain and instrument cluster not working?


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    2003 chevy 2500hd battery drain and instrument cluster not working?

    just as the title says. when i leave the truck sit for a couple days the battery is dead. its a new battery so thats not the problem. also sometimes when i start the truck none of gauges in the insturment panel work. if i drive long enough they usually do come on. any gm techs have any idea what is goin on or anyone have this happen and got it fixed?
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    a bad ground or relay.start with the alt and check amps and see if it has a draw,if thats not it i would start probeing relay conections.

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    look to see if it was one of those common issues with your year, model, make. some cars came factory with cluster issues like you mentioned. it can be fixed...but pretty pricey. you can do a search on google.

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    It's your instrument cluster. We had a 1 ton Chevy Express van that we replaced 4 clusters in 219,000 miles. You'll have to find a salvage yard cluster with similar miles or a recallibrated dealer item.
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    Clusters seem to be a problem with those era trucks. Replace it and you should be good.

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    May or may not be your drain, but i would definently start with fixing the cluster. Find someone in your area that rebuilds them, not a big deal. Not that expensive. Usually about a day turn around in my parts. If nobody in your area does it, there is a few guys on ebay that rebuild them, you just send them your cluster and they fix them up. Or bring it down to our shop and i'll get ya going in no time.
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