Trad shoot @ Crystal Lake (new range in OKC)


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    Cool Trad shoot @ Crystal Lake (new range in OKC)

    1st Annual Traditional Shootout @ the NEW Crystal Lake Archery Range, 6625 SW 15, OKC
    May 19 & 20...Books open Saturday 8:00-3:00 and Sunday 8:00-2:00
    Shooting Classes: (Male & Female in all except IRONMAN)
    Recurve - wood arrows
    Recurve - any arrows
    Longbow - wood arrows
    Longbow - any arrows
    Selfbow - wood arrows only
    $15 for first round, $10 for additional rounds, 12 & Under shoot free
    IRONMAN - any arrow, only one arrow allowed on course (male & female inclusive) Pays 1/2 of the Pot
    $15 for all rounds
    For more info call Jeff Steele, 640-7470 OR email

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    The shoot at Crystal Lake also needs to add:
    The net proceeds from this event will go to City Kids Outdoors, an extension of Whiz Kis. Whiz Kids is a one-on-one tutoring/mentoring focusing on inner-city elementary students. City Kids Outdoors allows these children to develop an appreciation of nature and the land. For more information about Whiz Kids, please visit

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    Hope to see all you trad shooters there. This is a new, never before shot range. And the proceeds goes for a good cause.

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    Bad weekend or I would be there. New to oklahoma and field archery so im prolly gonna try and shoot state field for the first time.

    Maybe next year if it isn't competing with a field shoot. Why schedule that weekend anyway? Sucks cuz I'd luv to shoot some trad again.

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    This is a benefit shoot through Crytal Lake and City Kids Outdoors. As you probably understand, you take the weekends you can get.
    It will be Saturday & Sunday, so maybe you could shoot the field shoot on Saturday and then this on Sunday. Anyway, best of luck to you.

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    Thats my plan, shoot the field on one day and the Trad shoot on the other, look forward to seeing the new course, I love shooting as many arrows in a weekend as possible.
    Boomer Sooner

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