Hazmore seat on a Summit Viper


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    Hazmore seat on a Summit Viper

    I am considering putting a Hazmore seat on my Summit. Has anyone switched out the stock seat on a Viper? If so, what are your thoughts on your replacement seat? Was it a Hazmore?


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    The stock Viper seat is really comfortable, but so is the Hazmore. For me the advantages of the Hazmore is faster setup, you can slide the seat back and get close to the tree when you stand, and you can watch what your feet are doing as you climb. Also lighter and less bulk verses the stock seat.

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    Does it fit a Goliath also? I hate the bulk in my way.
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    I put one on my Viper. Will not fit a Goliath. Not nearly as comfortable as the standard seat. Cold air will blast your butt through the weave. Nicer for standing up to shoot or for climbing though and quieter. The bulk of the stock seat gets in the way on those occasions. You tie it together underneath with strings. Unless you knot them up real good, they can work loose. I took it back off and put my factory seat back on. Maybe I'll put it back on for early season, don't know yet.

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    I use one on my Viper and like it. I like the fact it puts you up a little higher than the stock seet. makes standing for a shot easier and less movement I feel. could probably shoot sitting down out the left side of the stand as I am right handed. Also makes climbing easier as you don't have to worry about it getting in the way of your knees. For hunting with a gun the stock seat is better because you can use the front of the stand to brace your arms and maybe for all day sits it would be more comfortable. Put my seat on with the zipties that came with it and it holds fine
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