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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeeter 58 View Post
    LoneWolf recommends NOT removing the bar. They claim it helps support the stands integrety.

    With that said, up until last year, I always used my LW just like any other climber I've owned and it workd out just fine.

    But now that I'm getting older, and I'm disabled, I'm finding the wrap around bar more useful than ever. I sometimes climb with it now per the instructions. By sitting on the bar its much easier on my old body and I feel safer since I sometimes get a little wobbly.

    On the Hazmore seat. I have one of those as well. Great seat but not conducive for longer sits. Also, my butt gets cold from the air being able to go right through it.

    Even though I always have went the lightest route possible, and still do for the most part, I installed a seat that I removed from my old Loggy stand. Yes it weighs a little more, but it pays off IMO.

    I find the original LW seat to be extremely noisey. Something I still cannot understand.

    They build the most quiet stand on the planet but put a very nosiey seat on it! Go figure!

    I will add that I consider my LW climber one of my best pieces of equipment.
    I spoke to a gentleman at lw and he brought up that if the top section of the wides makes a noise, he will send out at nc a gasket kit or something similar to correct the problem. Obviously, they are aware of this issue and will step up. God Bless those that use and like other climbers, I just can't see using another brand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tennpin View Post
    I sold mine and bought a treewalker I would not trade it for 3 lone wolfs.
    yep me too plus the treewalker is only 15 lb
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    This was seems a new experience to me. I bought mine a month ago and would not replace with anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muzzyman88 View Post
    I really thought of doing this myself. I know exactly how I would rig it. Basically, it would be very similar to the climbing strap that comes with the hand climber. I would take two D rings and bolt them to the holes where the climbing bar went. Then run the loop of the strap through the one (it would be on there permently. On the other end of the strap, a caribeener, probably dipped in rubberized undercoating for noise. Clip that on the other D ring and climb. Once at height, just unclip it and move it tot he other side, giving you an open front. Wonder what LW would think of that?
    I did this exact same thing to my sit n climb. It was awesome. Until the D loop broke while I was climbing. Scared the living crap out of me so I put the bar back on.

    I'd love to find better D loops as this was a Much smoother setup.

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