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    ? for people from Alaska

    A much removed family member is moving to Fairbanks in the very near future. Her new husband is in the Army and will be stationed there. This past weekend she made the comment, and was dead serious about it, that it's not safe to leave your house without some sort of firearm because of the likelihood of a bear encounter. :***:

    So anyone from Alaska, do you and your entire family leave the house 'packing heat' because of the bears up there? I did laugh out loud when I heard it, but I thought I'd ask around. I've never been to Fairbanks, or even Alaska, but this seems a little far fetched to me. OK, a lot far fetched.

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    A friend of mine moved to Juneau about a decade ago and spent his first year there living in a uni-bomber type shack. Never spent a night without a lever action within reach. Haven't heard from him in years. I think it is only logical to conclude that we haven't spoken because of a bear attack. There are new pictures and updates on his Facebook page but I think they are some sort of clever bear ruse designed to lure me up to Alaska.

    Because bears are *******s.

    They are massive, hulking, mindless eating machines that wander around the woods like they own the place because they pretty much do. And they are sneaky too.

    You would never catch me unarmed if I lived in Fairbanks. I'd never spend time outdoors with anybody faster than me either.

    Your much removed family member is moving into a town that was built inside of bear country. Carrying a firearm when outside isn't a bad idea.
    Yeah? Well I got two radio shows.

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    I KNOW FRIENDS who have family there but they live out and the way he talks it's like that.

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    I'm not from Alaska, nor have I been there, but bears are zombies wrapped in fur, teeth and claws. The underdeveloped zombie bears can be found foraging on berries and such. The zombie bears that are just about to snap and go on rampages are the ones found in or around streams...eating salmon. The ones wondering the streets are looking for human flesh and nothing else will satisfy them.
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    Just wondering.
    why is everone quoting what another AT member said previously, in everone of their posts,,
    The quotes dont apply to all responses..
    Just curious,' dont want anyone to get their panty's in a wad??

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    Juneau, Alaska
    I live in Alaska, first Fairbanks for 12 years and the last 19 years in Juneau. Bears are around but not like you may think. I do not pack heat in my everyday life but when I am out in the woods I usually have a gun on me. Mainly camping, hiking and when I am hunting ( I make sure my gun is big enough to take a bear down). When I bow hunt I have a good handgun on me too.
    From my experience there are more bears in Juneau than I have ever seen in Fairbanks.
    I assume your friend got stationed at ft. Wainwright. That's my old stomping grounds. I was a army brat not active duty. Iam sure they will love the outdoors that Alaska has to offer. Tell them don't be overly paranoid as in most cases bears, wolves and other Alaskan creatures are more likely to be afraid of you, than you of them. The main thing they will have to get use to is the long summer days and the dark winter days. I hope this helps. I am no expert but I am an Alaskan pioneer ( someone who lives in Alaska for 25 years or longer).

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    Buy good 4WD all terrain Tires like BF Goodrich AT in lower 48 much cheaper than here.......they charge you extra for shipping to Alaska everything........try to get all veh parts and service before you come up.

    Very cold in winter -40F

    Hunting is limited to on post only for first year

    When Camping always have large GUN............for bears and thugs!

    Buy guns in lower 48........good pistol Ruger 44 Super Blackhawk.....4" 5/8 Barrel..........then you can sell it before you leave. Rifle 30-06 is popular bolt action......and ofcourse a ATV 4WD version is a must!

    Buy all camping gear in lower 48.........we drove the Alacan and camped saved alot of money........very expensive room rates.......use Credit Card only in Canada

    Declare and fill out paper work for weapons at Boarder. I suggest buy your handgun after you get here Canada does not like handguns......or have it shipped from lower 48 after you arrive.....or household goods.

    No bears in town ........alot of moose surrounding Fairbanks.

    You will get a one time winter allowance to winterize you veh.....about $ 300 or so........suggest post service station.

    Suggest stay on post to live.......AFB wing is leaving reassigned to Anchorage alot of housing prices will drop in next year or two due to vacancy

    Ret Army

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