For Sale or Trade Trade: Kids Compound for Kids Recurve


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    Trade: Kids Compound for Kids Recurve

    I just bought a Whisper Creek Phantom and my daughter instead wants a recurve. Anyone interested in a trade?? PM me for details and questions. Thank you!

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    Any interest in this? I would be willing to hear any offers.

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    Offers? Would like to get rid of this set-up quick before daughters interest in sport dissappears.

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    Any offers? I don't want to take it in to Pro Shop and get nothing for it.

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    Returned PM's........let's get this bow sold or traded!!!!!!

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    A lot of lookers, but no serious offers. I will sell this for a GREAT price!!!!!!

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    This is realy a great kids bow. Inexpensive, yet good quality. Come one, someone give me an offer!!!!!! :-)

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    Have generated interest....may have a potential buyer. I will know by this coming Friday. Thanks everyone for looking. Please check back at end of week.

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    Replied to PM's

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    Answered all PM's.

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    Answered all PM's. If I don't hear back from the original gentleman that said he would buy it, it goes back on the market.

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    The person who was going to buy this bow has not responded to me in over a week. This bow is back on the market. I really need to sell it. My daughters interest in the sport is starting to lessen. Help me keep her interested!!!!!

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    All PM's answered.

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    Answered all PM's.

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    All PM's answered.

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    Answered all PM's.

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    Sold pending payment receipt

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    Sold. Payment received. Thank you to all interested parties.

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