Bows under 200 dollars


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    Bows under 200 dollars

    Looking for a good used bow for under $200.00. I'm just getting back into archery after 20 years or so. What Brands do you folks reccommend, for a decent performing bargain bow? I plan on looking for a used one, maybe on Ebay. I want a left hand bow, 29" draw, 55-70lbs weight, But I would like a bow that's not too old and so will still have parts available for it after a few years. I have two Golden Eagle bows, one busted, and GE is long gone out of business. Could you guys offer me some advice? Thanks a lot

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    I would look under the classifieds on here. You can usually find great deals for decent bows.
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    I bought 4 bows from Buellhunter at doublelung archery. 2 of them I paid 100 apiece and they are good shooting bows. One was a parker extreem and the other was a Jennings buckmaster 2000. The each cam with arrow rests and peeps. The string were good on them and I have tuned them to myself and my arrows and they hold very good groups.
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    Bear element or instinct were both made about 5 years ago and very respected. Bear is a great company and many shops service them. They are also in your price range. I just sold my 2008 instinct in the classifieds for $220 loaded with everything and bought a Mathews. I wish I Would've kept it as a back up!!!

    I would also suggest trying to find one on AT classifieds as the prices are alot more fair. The prices get way overbid most of the time on eBay because people don't know what it's worth they just want it. Craigslist is also horrible and all you hear is well it was $xxx much new and it's only been shot xxx times. It's sad but bows depreciate as fast as electronics.

    Most people on AT will accept MO or paypal and are very honest with shipping charges. I've saved almost half off my bow and all accessories on AT!

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    my buddy just bought a bowtech general for 200, im sure if you look, you can find a great deal.

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    Thanks a lot Terry for the advice

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    Sent you a PM I may have what your looking for.

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    Older Mathews or maybe the Reflex line. Used of course
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    go to the classifieds and search for Mathews Mission, saw a few for around $200, good bow with a lot of poundage and dl adjustment. My 14yr old son shoots one!! Plus, parts are readily available
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    Also keep an eye on your local Craigslist --- that's where I got my Oneida:


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    [QUOTE=WillAdams;1063811493]Also keep an eye on your local Craigslist --- that's where I got my Oneida:

    Oneida! I was wondering if compound recurves were still around. I can see advantages to such a setup. I think I would like one too myself

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    in the classifeds there is a darton tb 40 for 225.00 good bow for the money i pick one up to play with. 302fps at 30 inch draw 70 pounds with a 420 grain arrow real quite and smooth to

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    I was going to say to check out Buellhunters ads as well,he seems to have some good deals on used bows at a decent price
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    dude check out Scottie in AT classified section. He is THE BEST!!!! I have gotten a few bows from him and all were AWESOME!
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