Best commercial flash cam for feeders


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    Best commercial flash cam for feeders

    What's the best and most reasonably priced flash cam on the market for putting over feeders? I'm needing to pick up 10-15 before July. I have home brews for actual trail cams but am needing a cheaper cam for feeders.

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    not very good quality but you have the "brews" for that. The Moultrie D55 is a white flash that goes for a reasonable price. Also Covert Reveal is white flash but a higher price. For a cheap price you have the Tasco 3 meg unit and the Wildview 2 meg which can be had for about $40.

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    Try a SG565F or Covert Reveal. No commercial white flash camera can beat the quality of these.

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    Covert Reveal is not to expensive.
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