DXG567 Black Flash Video Unit with Solar Cell


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    DXG567 Black Flash Video Unit with Solar Cell

    Nothing special but I thought some of you guys might be interested. It is a DXG-567 HD Video camera with a Electronics123 exchanger for color day and IR night videos. Big Foot Video Control Board with twin sister boards and a HPWA Fresnel. Pipe thru for security. Kit 98 for awesome amped sound. 20 LED 940nm IR BlackFlash Array powered by a Buck Puck PWM Driver. 2 AA's for external camera power. Array, Kit 98, and exchanger are powered by a 5 Amp Hour 12v SLA battery. All this is enclosed in a Plano 1460 case custom dipped by Rodney (Modelclan). You can also see the mounting bracket as well as the HPWA are all custom dipped. Great Job Rodney as always. The battery is recharged by a Brunton 5w 12v 12"x12" solar cell panel. Nice unit headed to a nice couple down in Decatur, Alabama. Hope they enjoy it.

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    Nice looking build there Jim.

    Anyway to get the solar cell dipped? that would be super sweet.

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    Wow, that would be an awesome plot camera! Very good looking!

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    How is this working?

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