Indoor Nationals Senior Pro Division


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    Indoor Nationals Senior Pro Division

    I want those of you that dont know,or think that that old guys are a waste of time, to look at the last few years of scores.All the attention is swayed to the younger class,I guess thats where all the big money is,and all the regocnition too.But I am here to tell you that going into the Senior Pro Div is no gimmie for anybody.I would lay odds that for the most part we can hang with the youger Pros,at least for awhile.We were all there before, and the competetiveness doesnt go away.I think that it is even stronger in our Div. actually.The only difference is that we are all best of friends.
    The Senior Shootoffs are just as intense, and nerve racking.To show everyone that we still have what it takes is more rewarding now.To be able to put up the kind of shoot offs that are as entertaining as any found out there.
    This years shoot off between my friends Tony Harbaugh,and Steve Boylan were a great example of what competetiveness is all about.My fingers were chewed to the bone watching neither man giving an inch till over 25 arrows were shot and the inside out rules took its toll.Rooting for both of them at the same time ,I didnt want a 2nd place for either one.The only match that comes close is Steve Boylans and mine at Lancasters year before last.The only LAS shoot off that went the full distance to determine a winner.
    So congrats to both Tony and Steve for an exciting finish this year.I didnt make the podium but for all you people out there,only a 3X spread seperated 1st to my 4th position.No gimmies here, no regrets either,well fought out matches and to all the Seniors out there good shooting guys! Don Ward
    T.Harbaugh 118Xs
    Steve Boylan 118Xs
    Joe Kapp 117Xs
    Don Ward 115Xs
    Repeat your process,Concentrate then follow through!

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    Nicely said buddy! gotta love `em! It kinda feels like a cross between sitting in Church with no clothes on and my first parachute jump! LOL!

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    I gotta say it was pretty impressive to watch those guys go blow by blow...and seemingly having a great time doing it.

    I've never seen guys root for themselves and their buddy all at the same time, back slaps and high fives almost every end... TRU SPORTSMANSHIP boys...!!!

    And some dam fine shootin !!

    Kind of makes me wish I was hitting the senior circuit soon!
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    Tony is a great guy. He and Dee Wilde had a pretty awesome battle for our state indoor championship as well. I have yet to come across a senior pro who wasn't easy to get along with.

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    My wife and kids got to see Steve Boylan and his wife in the parking garage carrying his 300, 60X target. Impressive shooting and a super nice guy.

    All of the senior shooters put on a great show!
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