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Thread: decocking bolt

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    decocking bolt

    Seen one of these today, weighs about
    1/2 pound.. ever use one?

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    If you are talking about the one from Horton, I got one for my SZ 380. It did not last as the end cap came off in the ground. Splintered after hitting a rock and that happened in a soft lawn. Some of the suppliers have stopped carrying them.

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    The biodegradable Crossbow Unloading Bolts (CUBs) work well also.

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    Whats wrong with using a flier as a discharge arrow? Why buy an arrow for discharge purposes?
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    This one was by Carbon Express and was
    pure steel, it weighed .4 lbs

    Has a rubber cap over the end

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    I use the Horton decocking arrow but shoot it into my bag target - not the ground. It looks like the day I bought it (same day I bought the 380). This works fine for hunting at the house. For my Ohio trip later this year, I'm going to look into the biodegardable ones (never knew they existed until this thread).
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    I let mine down with cocker rope, both recurve and compound, the compound just takes a short piece of arrow to 'fool' the ADF.
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    I let my crossbow down using the hand crank cocking aid. I've been doing it for many years without incident.

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    I have the Horton de-cocker. Works well for me.

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    Rodney hows the bow coming?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Capitalasports View Post
    Rodney hows the bow coming?
    Attorney is working on the patent.

    We are working and testing.. about all
    I can say right now

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