Want To Buy Hoyt Alpha Burner,Alphamax 35,Katera


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    Hey guys,
    I am looking for a Alpha Burner,Alphamax 35 or katera with 50 to 60 or 60 to 70 pound limbs and 29 inch draw

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    I have a Left Hand 2008 Hoyt Katera. It has cams for a 26" draw length on it right now. They can't be adjusted but you can get new cams. 60-70 lb limbs. It has a camo ripcord arrow rest, Cobra Boomslang Plus 4 pin sight, 7" Octane stabilizer, Alpine Archery 5 arrow Bear Claw quiver and a peep sight. I'll sell it to you for $300 with all those accessories.
    Strother Infinity. 26" 60 lbs. QAD rest. Copper John sight. Octane stabilizer. Gold Tip XT Hunter arrows.
    Slick Trick Mag broadheads.

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    pm sent

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    I have a like new condition katera, still has original strings and cables. Camo, 50-60lbs, 29 inch draw. PM me you email address and I will send you some pics tomorrow.
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