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    Hunting Buddies

    I am in the Coast Guard and live in Novato, CA. I love hunting and have realized since moving to California it is good to know people with land. I am looking for just that, either hunters or landowners who wouldnt mind a respectful hunter from Colorado to take some deer, pigs or turkey with.

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    Try going by Northwoods Bowmen on a Monday or Wednesday evening around 7 - great folks and I'm sure you'll meet some friends... or go up to Backroom Archery on the weekends.

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    Woodnsoul, thanks a lot funny thing is I am new member or Northwoods, I am there on Wednesday for league nights. Havent gone on a Monday yet. Usally I am the only one there on other days of the week. I will for sure try mondays though!!! Thanks.

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