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    I have a question for you gals. I have been shooting for a number of years now and don't feel like I take as good of my equipment as possible. So what do you do?

    I case my bow when I am not using it, I don't take the sight off, but I do put a cover on the scope. I don't wax my strings that often. I guess I am asking for you routines on how you care for your equipment. Oh, and do you do something different when packing it up to head to tournaments? Like I put my arrows in an arrow tube when I head to a tournament several hours away, but if I am just going to the club I leave them sticking out of my stool.

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    I hope I can weigh in because you actually seem to want an answer from a girl. For that I do not qualify. ;-)

    With a modern compound bow there really is very little maintenance required.

    I would say the #1 thing is to wax the string and cables regularly. If you are noticing hairs of the threads sticking up, you need to lube it.
    Remember that you can NEVER over wax the string and cables but you can easily under wax them.

    Make visual inspection of your bow a routine practice EVERY time you pick it up.
    Look at the cams and focus on the "E" clips holding the axles into the limbs. They have a tendency of breaking no matter what manufacturer of bow you own.
    Look at the bolts that hold the parts in place. Check for anything out of the ordinary.

    If you make it a practice and do this every time you pick it up, you'll QUICKLY notice anything odd.

    Keeping the bow strapped down in a hard case is a very good thing. Don't take anything off of it with the exception of a stabilizer because you might affect the sighting.

    Arrows should be visually inspected prior to shooting them. You should give them a slight flex too while listening for cracking. Most arrow lubes are good for one shot only. I lube them as I go.

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    I don't do a lot of maintenence. I do wax the strings often, but that's about it. Storing bows in a case is a good idea. I have a huge drop in case that holds everything, quiver arrows, tools, etc. If your arrows are expensive (or you just don't want to replace them) then the arrow tube is a good idea.

    Occasionally, take a few minutes to look everything over, make sure nothing looks worn, loose or rusted. If you use it in the rain, be sure to dry it well before putting it away.

    And no, don't take anything off except for the stab, if it doesn't fit in your case. Once it's set up right, don't mess with it more than you have to.

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