Royal Oak archers Question


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    Royal Oak archers Question

    I used to be a member of royal oak archers years ago and used to shoot there a lot. I was just wondering what their 3D course is like these day's. Back when I was shooting there Jim was setting the course and it was very tough. Good group of members though
    Elite E35 26'' draw. For everything Hunting,target,3D it just feels right for me.
    I shoot in the senior bowhunter freestlyle division and I will as long as my eyes let me
    This is archery country on a quiet night you can hear a gun rust

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    I would like to know as well. Being from down here in Ohio schedules are like Unicorns,very hard to come by or even find anyone that knows.How about a schedule post if you would be so gracious to so. Thanks

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    I am a current member. So far this year has been somewhat challenging but definately shootable for every archer. I guess it also depends what you consider challenging though, distance/ shoot though/angles. The shots are pretty basic but then agin I know they begin to become more challenging as summer comes in. Check out for other clubs in the area achedules. or Good luck and come out and enjoy the weather. I know ROA has one of the better club shoots from what I hear from other people talking about it so I think whoever is setting up the courses are doing something right.

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