The One Right Way To Lose Weight And Stay Well


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    Most Americans have the same problem when it comes to losing weight and staying well. The foods we like in our culture are, for the most part, terrible for us.

    * Chocolate milkshake
    * Chicken fried steak with steak fries
    * Grilled hamburger with the works
    * Momís favorite pie

    I hope Iím not making you too hungry. You may not LOVE the items I just listed, but itís a sure bet 90 percent of those reading this article could easily down at least one of those items RIGHT NOW!

    The problem is, these items are sky high in fat and other not-so-good-for-you ingredients, plus low in fiber. It seems like EVERYTHING that tastes good isnít good for us.

    If you donít believe me, read the ingredient tables on all the ďlow-fatĒ foods at the supermarket. Almost all of them have much higher levels of fat than you would guess. Keep reading tables and youíll likely get a little depressed. When I tried this exercise, I left thinking that carrots were the only truly low fat item in the store.

    One way to get the right idea about healthy food is to think about what we would eat if we didnít have a supermarket up the street. Think about what great, great grandma ate on the farm 100 years ago before all todayís convenience foods took over.

    Chances are you would eat vegetables you grew in your backyard. You might occasionally dine on chicken you had raised yourself. Cows were very expensive in most areas, so itís unlikely you would eat beef more than a few times a year. If you could catch a fish, you might eat that, and it wouldnít be deep fried!

    Get the picture? Thatís how almost all peoples of the world ate until very recently. Humans were designed to eat vegetables and fruits mostly, with very little preparation and no additives.

    Steer your diet toward that kind of old fashioned thinking and youíll be surprised how your weight goes down and your health improves.

    And while youíre at it, remember that itís been only fairly recently that people had automobiles. Iíll bet when your city was founded, most people walked everywhere they went. And thatís the other part of the equation. Get regular exercise to lose weight and improve your health. You donít have to be an athlete, just get out and walk for a while several times per week.

    Try these common sense methods and youíll be surprised how well they work.

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    True enough. I'm a 43, gulp, year old fire fighter. I have to stay fit as a matter of survival. As I get older staying in shape gets harder and harder. Diet is 60% of the battle. Fast foods are a heart attack in a paper bag. I watch my cholesterol and keep it below 300 mg a day. I allow myself one "cheat day" a week. For me that equates to a chocolate thick shake from Carvel on Sunday nights. Otherwise I take a men's multivitamin, a baby aspirin and a fish oil capsule every morning. When I eat red meat, its mostly venison. I have a lot of deer in the freezer. That's one of the benefits of hunting. A low fat red meat source is a good thing. Other than that fish twice a week. I avoid processed foods. Vegetables, salads, carrots, boiled brown rice, broccoli, corn, cauliflower, beats. For snacks... fruit. White breads are trash. Whole grain or multi-grain all the way. Avoid mayo on your sandwich. Use mustard instead and if you must put cheese on it, one thin slice is fine. Broil don't fry, but when you have to use extra virgin olive oil not butter. Instead of fired eggs for breakfast try hard boiled. Caffeine is a killer as are sugary drinks. For me one 12 oz cup of black coffee a day, not four cups a morning. If I have soda its diet sprite, but honestly that's rare. I'd take water 98% of the time.

    Now for exercise, by the very nature of what I do for a living I am active. I'm also, on average, 18 years older than the youngest members of my department. I have to do more to keep up with their energy levels. For me that's cardio every day. 3.5 miles on an Elliptical Machine. Weights are four days a week. I avoid emotional stress as much as I can. Pretty much if I don't have a dog in a fight, why argue with some jerk to get all kinds of adrenaline and cortisol chemicals raging through your body? I've been fire fighting for 22 years so my muscle memory for the work I do is pretty much set in stone. To avoid injury, I stretch a lot and drink a ton of water. Minimum of a gallon a day (no joke). Muscle tissue is 80% water.

    Last thing, watch out for your health. Don't over do it booze and definately no drugs or smoke. I get plenty of smoke at work everyday, why would I ever want more? If you have a beer or two a couple of nights a week that's fine. Don't get hammered. Its unhealthy and eventually someone like me will be cutting you of a car. You don't want that. Wine is healthier than beer (I'm really not a wine drinker though). If you like the taste of beer, like me, a couple of darker colored beers are better. Dark beer is anti-oxidant richer than "yellow" beers. So why have six Coors when you can have two Sam Adams? You will save some money too. After you drink have plenty of water. Flush out some of the alcohol and wait a minimum of one hour per beer before you reach for the car keys.

    Last point, see a doctor annually for a full physical. Blood work, EKG, urine, the whole 9 yards. Talk to your doctor about how you are feeling. If he or she doesn't make time for you, find a different one. Take a flu shot every fall. Its your life, but you only get to live it once. Make sure you stay as healthy as you can, remain active and you'll be in your stand for years to come chasing Pope & Young bucks down just like me.

    Give it a shot for a couple of months. You have nothing to loose and you might feel better.

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    If you want to be healthy, eat Paleo or Primal; Everything else is the FDA 'high carb low fat' scenario that is making the US lead the world in obesity and degenerative disease.

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    It's not that hard to make "unhealthy" foods healthier for you. For example, whats so bad about a burger every so often if made correctly? ....

    Grilled venison or grass fed beef burger
    a thin bun
    lettuce, tomato, onion
    A little ketchup and mustard (not hard to find this stuff that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup)
    A side of veges maybe a little fruit for desert

    The list goes on and on. Be smart when you shop, combine your food correctly, stay away from processed junk and it's not as hard as we all make it. As long as calories consumed are the right kind of calories and we use portion control, maintaining, loosing, even gaining weight doesn't have to be that hard and tasteless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gomana View Post
    .... I left thinking that carrots were the only truly low fat item in the store....
    The bad thing is that this is way too close to the truth in a modern American supermarket. Actually, we can find healthy foods there, but it takes a lot of looking and often they are not as healthy as similar foods in Grandma's time. To much processing to allow long term storage.


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