Anyone using CHDK [for Canon's]


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    Anyone using CHDK [for Canon's]

    Can be booted with custom firmware, nothing else needed,.. is that so??

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    Nope, but it sure looks interesting.

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    It's been brought up several times in the past but I've never seen where anyone actually utilized it for homebrews. I've got an A620 here and would like to play with the super fast shutter speeds.

    Basically you boot the cam from firmware on your SD card then go from there.

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    I have used CHDK with an A540 hooked up to a pir sensor and tried timelapse too. Works great but as the cam is always on battery life is crap. Sucked down a 4.5 amp 6v sla battery in less than 2 days. Adding a solar panel should do the trick just have not tried that yet but do plan on it soon

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