Costs matter too much


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    Costs matter too much

    It sucks that camcorders cost so much. I looked for a while today an it's impossible to find something for under $1000. Why is it that hunting already has high price stuff, and if you want to film it and have video worth watching it's going to really cost you. If anybody knows where I could find a camcorder that is under a grand and pretty nice let me know. Or just make suggestions.

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    Hit up Ebay and look for a Canon HV or HF model camera.. some of the HF's will be over $1k but some of the models are on the cheaper end. The HV30's and HV40's you'll have no problem finding for under $1k. You might wanna check Craigslist too and you might find something in your area that you can go and get your hands on and check out before you buy it.

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    Thanks driven

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