Top-down shot-cycle video?


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    Top-down shot-cycle video?

    Does anyone know of any shot-cycle videos that were taken from above the archer (top down) and are available online? I've found the usual walk-around videos of top archers, but haven't seen any from the top. I'm looking to get some reference for set / setup / draw arm positions and rotations of shoulders.

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    I did find this:

    Granted it's a study of an archer who's having release issues, but it seems to be the only one available.

    I wish Inside the Archer came with a companion CD of the videos they used to grab the images.

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    Video's don't tell you anything if you don't know perfectly the (supposed) shooting sequence of the archers in it.
    This video might be from a +1300 shooter or from a -1100 one, you can't know if you don't know him ...
    For sure, a video from the top like this one can't say anything to even a very skilled coach without the addition of a ton of other infos.
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    That's a great point! Sometimes I just like to have a reference as to what greatness looks like (even though most of archery is internal).

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