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    New Bow String

    I bought a new Bear Instinct a while back and was wondering if anyone sold strings or knew of someone who did. Also and tips on string preservation.
    Thanks, Cross

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    Welcome 2 ArcheryTalk , use the search function at top right ( string builders ) there are some awesome builders on here ..

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    Thanks! Yea im new and joined to get help so if you have any more advice feel free to pass it along.

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    theres TONS of "which strings" threads so search here and in general archery and youll find everything you are looking for, ALOT of good string makers.

    care for a string is as easy as keeping clean and waxed, i try to wax after i shoot each time, but worst case every other time i shoot. i clean with scoprion venom string cleaner when string is dirty so i dont work any dirt in the string itself
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    I'm ordering a set of cables and string from Twisted Archer. He's doing a month long sale, full set for $50, and everyone I've asked has said he makes great strings. He's backlogged though ATM, 15 day wait from time order is received =/.

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