For Sale or Trade Athens Exceed 300(Orange to Black fade)


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    Athens Exceed 300(Orange to Black fade)

    Great shooting bow(in good shape) but I have been shooting my latest pickup more and have decided to sell or maybe trade just to scratch the never ending itch to try different things.It is 27 1/2" draw(need to swap cams on these to change draw length but lot of times can pick up some here on A/T) with 60lb limbs. Currently set on about 49-50lb.
    Looking for $450tyd bare bow in lower 48. Paypal(add 3%) or Postal money order.
    On trades looking for something that can get to 27-27 1/2" draw depending on the bow with 50lb or 60lb limbs but NO 70LBer's.
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    PM answered

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    Will this bow go down to 45 lb draw weight? Second question what is the brace height and ata? Thanks Carl

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    Off of the Athens web site:
    IBO Rating: 330+ fps
    Axle-to-Axle: 37”
    Brace Height: 7”

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    Bump for a great bow.....This bow has a 7" brace height and is 37" ATA. I have one just like it and they are tack-drivers, as far as the 45 lb draw weight I can't answer that part. I never tried to take mine that low. Remember all Athens bows come with a lifetime transferable warranty, you don't have to be the original owner it covered you are the 2nd or even the 10th!!!!

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    Thanks Kevo for the bump and you are right. They are great shooters and I will probably regret getting rid of it but I am bad about getitng that itch for trying something different.

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    Traded locally. Thanks for the interest.

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