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Thread: Best small/pistol cross bow?

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    Best small/pistol cross bow?

    Hi all,

    Longtime archer and outdoorsman, but I've never even fired a crossbow. I am considering buying a small hand crossbow that could be carried for small game hunting in a hiking backback, or even a day pack, and hoping someone can point me in the right direction for something that won't be a waste of money. The only results from the internet are fairly inexpensive (20-30 USD) pistol crossbows.



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    I think the answer is in your post "WASTE OF MONEY"
    SZ 380, Hawke XB30, Lazer IIs, Aluminum nocks, 125 grn. spitfires, brass inserts, 450 grns., 350 fps

    SZ 350, Hawke XB30, aerobolts, non-illuminated plastic firenocks, 100 grn spitfires, 390 grns., 350 fps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfulton View Post
    I think the answer is in your post "WASTE OF MONEY"
    second that..

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    I have the Cobra 80 lb. crossbow pistol. Works pretty darn well. Have about 200 shots out of it. Read the reviews. Hundreds of positive reviews. FYI, use the nylon bolts for target practice. I use it for a plinker while sitting on my patio. Sinks the arrow pretty deep in my Big Green Target. Have to silicone the shafts occasionally to get them back out.

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