Low Tear with Hoyt Vector 35


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    Low Tear with Hoyt Vector 35

    I have a 2012 Hoyt Vector 35 RKT #3 cams set at 29.5". The bow is currently set on 70 lbs. Rest is a Limb-Driver Pro-V. My arrows are 300 spine Gold Tip Kinetic's cut to 29" with a finished total weight of 454 grains. I have performed the cam sync as always, following Javi's instructions. The bow is within 1/8" of perfect according to the Hoyt Tune Charts. The bow shoots great and has a perfect left/right tear but I cannot get rid of the low-tear without having the nock-point 3/8"-1/2" high. There is absolutely zero fletching contact. I have tried weaker spined arrows (340 and 400) and got worse results than with the 300 spine (dealer suggested). I have never had this problem and not be able to solve it with just a slightly higher nock point...

    IDEA'S ?????

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    i had a high tare with my turbo that i couldnt get rid of. I backed the top limb bolt out and got bullets, try to take a turn out of the bottom lib and see if it helps. If it does one of the limbs on the bottom may be stronger than the others. hope this helps

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