Interesting for me anyway. She was shooting a Samick Mizar.
Brace height the same on both bows, 8.25. Both 23 inch risers.
Same limbs, Same arrows.

Draw length has not increased. Last year outdoors, She would hold on the top of
the boss with the bottom of her sight tunnel , to get 60 meters.
With a accru 300 sight I drilled a extra hole in to get it very close to
the riser. Sight tunnel all the way down , could not go any lower do to being to
close to arrow.

With the x appeal. Sight is out 4 inches in front of the riser. Another inch or so of adjustment
left. And is holding dead on at 60 meters. She can get a sight now with sight all the way in ,
for 70 meters plus a couple. Of Course , her long distance is 60. I have no chrono . But
seems like it must be faster for some reason.

One other thing, For me , I don't have any problem finding center shot , and tuning this bow
of hers. Thats my favorite thing about it. It took me personally a bit of time to get the limbs
straight and inline with the system that samick had .
Oh, and she has only shot the bow 3 times since I bought it for her and no misses yet at
her long distance.

The bow has made my life a bit easier.....hehehe

Rob B.