Underestimating the Impact of Form (or what a difference a month makes)


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    Underestimating the Impact of Form (or what a difference a month makes)

    So the daughter and I went to the range the past two days to see how she was going get out to 50m for outdoor season. She's been shooting for about a year and a bit, but with conviction for the last three months. Almost all of her experience has been indoor and we started playing around with 20/30/40/50m about two months ago. I've asked a few questions here before and received some great advice and some good ideas (THANKS!) One thing that was said, if I recall correctly, was that her form would 'settle' or get better and that would make a difference in the distance she would be able to shoot comfortably. I didn't realize how true that would be. A month and a half ago she was aiming a good 6-7 feet or so above the target face in order to get an arrow on target with the sight all the way in and as far as it could safely go down.(people suggested we reverse the sight bar but she shoots an older Eclipse so that wouldn't work with the design of the bow) Yesterday we went to the outdoor range with the same arrows, same bow/draw length/#setting she was aiming 5 rings high on target from 50m (she has been using 1416 PP's) She hadn't shot that distance for several weeks before this so it was a complete surprise. We kept looking at each other trying to recall what we had changed. We hadn't changed anything, she had.

    So, what am I saying? There is great info given here and the one thing I couldn't do for her that was suggested was THE thing that made the most impact, HER working on her form. Now, we did get the Carbon Impact Super Clubs and she REALLY likes those, they come off her bow like a laser (she shot them for the first time tonight) They were not the Holy Grail that we we thought they would be, they are just going to give her the little bit extra she needs for wind affect and to get her sight off the extreme bottom of the sight and the bar out a few notches. I found it interesting that technology/equipment had a much smaller affect in this case than just plain hard work (she averaged 4 days practice a week shooting hundreds of arrows and working on form quite a bit too) FWIW-Pete

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    Good for her, that's great to hear. Surprising how much pace good form will put on the arrow, isn't it?

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    Hope to see her at the Gator Cup!!!
    Just put it in the middle and shoot!

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