Best arrows for outdoor NFAA target shooting for women, new archer question


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    Red face Best arrows for outdoor NFAA target shooting for women, new archer question

    I am a new archer, I have a PSE chaos and I pull 37 lbs. I am done with indoor season and am shooting ViBrake Bemen 500's 7.3gpi arrows. I am now doing outdoor and I would like to know what the best arrow is for outdoor target shooting? I do not hunt but plan to do 3-D later as well as outdoor. I was told to ask here what you ladies recommend. I shoot bowhunter freestyle. I only have 4 pins on my sight and need to get one more but there is no room. So it was suggested I go with a lighter arrow and it will allow for room for my 5th pin. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am pretty good with what I have now am afraid to switch, but I would like more distance and I can not up my poundage due to a shoulder injury.

    Thanks ladies!


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    I shoot Carbon Express CXL Pro 150's. 5.9 gpi. I shoot mainly IBO 3D tournaments.

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    I shoot GT Pro 22's for 3D and am going to shoot Kinetics in 500 spine for FITA/target. You can contact Tim Gillingham from Gold Tip and he will help you out with the perfect arrow for you. Just go to Gold Tip's website and you will find his contact info. Also, what rest are you shooting?

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