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Thread: broadheads and gt arrows for sale

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    broadheads and gt arrows for sale

    I've got 6 NAP thunderheads, 5 muzzys, and 1 muzzy phantom bh. All are 125gr and 3 blades except the phantom which is a 4 blade. All fir $50 TYD obo
    10 gt 7595 xt hunter arrows cut to 28". $50tyd
    6 gold tip xt hunter 5575 cut to 28". $35tyd
    All but a few of the 7595 have been shot, but still in good condition. Broadheads have only been shot a few times into foam targets.
    Message me in you have any questions.

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    I'd like to offer $27.00 tyd for six 5575 GT XT Respectfully Dan

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    Both set of arrows are SPF
    Broadheads still available

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    I sent payment for the 7595's
    my bow: pse xf omen max: 70#@28" axis D6 27" 420@311, 5 pin ascent, d6 killzones, trocar
    Daughters bow: wisper creek phantom: sons bow: darton ranger2:
    Fiancé bow: parker frontier 2+: 50#@26" sh7dp, rip cord,TF hotstage, hta ht2, muzzy 3 blade
    Trad. Bow: 1966 bear kodiak #65 :backup: pse xforce hf6:

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    ttt for the broadheads

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