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    lymes disease

    Looking for a little information about lymes disease my girlfriend just found out from here blood work that she has the disease.So any imformation on this would help just trying to get a idea of what we have to look forward to. Any imformation will be greatly appreciated.

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    My family doc specializes in it. It can be hard to detect by blood test, the most accurate test is fairly expensive. Since your GF is positive, the test must have indicated positive. It's simple to treat for when it's caught early, if let go, it's gets lengthy. I have been treated twice due to having a mark that could have been a tick bite after being in tick country. Was I infected? Not sure, but caught within the first week, treatment is two weeks of tetracycline.

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    At least they caught it. Usually people have these nondescript malaise symptoms and it takes years before they figure out it is Lymes, by then some permanent damage has been done.

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    i had lymes 2 years ago. titer test came back inconclusive, western blot gave a positive result. I was symptomatic for 3 months before the dr pinpointed lymes. Once we knew, 10 day treatment of doxy and i was good to go. Haven't had any symptoms since. Unfortunately with lymes, it can come back...

    Dad had it 20 years ago and his went on for over a year befre he got treated. since they got to his late he had to be on iv meds for a few months. He's better and is not symptomatic for plds which is awesome!

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