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    Food Plot Planter

    Ive got a Golden Valley Cultiseeder forsale it discs the ground,spreads the seed, and covers sed back up allin 1 easy step. You can plant any size of seed with it it from clover to corn. It is ground driven so the s.eed always comes out even. If you have any questions call Chris at (580)227-2345. I cant figure out how to upload pictures so here is a link to the facebook to see pictures

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    How much are you asking for the cultiseeder? Also, does the disc work good on this product? You can send me a pm if you would rather.



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    Please post a Price for what you are selling being it is Required to be in accordance with our Classified Rules which you can find a Link to in my Signature...Thanks, (AT Classifieds Moderator) Jersey Ray

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