Mushroom Hunting Trespasser dilemma?


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    Mushroom Hunting Trespasser dilemma?

    Caught a guy mushroom hunting on my farm yesterday. He was parked roadside a mere 50 yards from a freshly POSTED- NO HUNTING sign and passed 2 others when coming down the lane. He said he has hunted my farm (I bought it last July) for the last 10 years. I was not nice to him, I asked if he ever thought about asking yearly to make sure the property hadn't changed possession and told him their was no excuse. He acted like he didn't know and was real apologetic.I asked him if he found all the mushrooms in his sack on my property, he said yes and he had 3/4 of a bread sack full. I was mad, couldn't even think straight mad. I just told him to leave but as he was getting is his car I wondered If I had the right to take "my" stolen mushrooms. I honestly wouldn't have felt right taking them, but I also don't think It was right to let him off with no punishment. Hell I guess I should have called the sheriff but since he wasn't a total ass I didn't. Would it have been fair to ask for my mushrooms back? Would you have a problem taking them?
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    Once he said sorry and did not act like an ass, I would have given him a little slack and asked that he not trespass letting him keep his bag. If he has been there that long its likely something he thinks of as being home to him, he may have missed the sign. As long as he doesn't return at least without first contacting you and asking.

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    I would not go onto anyone's property that was posted without permission. That being said, if it were a crop that I was making money on I would be upset, if they are just wild mushrooms and I was not doing anything with them anyway, no harm, no foul. I would just ask him to ask my permission first if he wants to gather mushrooms. The last thing I would do is involve law enforcement. In my case if you got me involved with the law I could lose my license and my livelihood, I would not think you would want to do that just because you're angry.

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    I would have taken him at his word that he didn't think he was doing anything wrong, but now that you both know that he knows, if he gets caught again it would be time to turn up the heat a bit. Everyone does things differently but if I were in your shoes and the guy came to my door next week and asked if he could go onto your property, I would reward his demonstration of responsibility and let him have at it. (But I'm not saying you would be wrong if you chose to do otherwise.)

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    If he parked right there and made no attempt to be sneaky he was probably telling the truth. Maybe he and the old owners had a friendship that didn't require him asking yearly. Be the bigger man, and just politely set him straight about the new ownership.
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