2012 bow review: Bear Archery's Anarchy


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    2012 bow review: Bear Archery's Anarchy


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    Nice review, the anarchy is a heck of a bow. I have one in their shadow series set up for 3d and 5 spot, its a tack driver.

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    I agree. Thanks!

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    I love my Bear Anarchy...its a dream to shoot...smooth, fast, light, quiet, accurate...cant ask for anymore!!!

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    Thanks Jason, you and others make a lot of difference by putting it all together

    Love your reviews Jason. Thanks for putting it all together and sharing your honest opinion. You rock.

    Whenever I look for reviews I always check your website (outdoorproductreview.com) and the other one (Ike) and
    of course compoundbowchoice.com (here is a nice write-up on the Anarchy: http://compoundbowchoice.com/brands/...narchy/review/)
    And of course this forum (AT) rocks!

    Together you guys, make a whole lot of difference. Thanks and keep them coming, Jason!

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