need taxidermy help!


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    Exclamation need taxidermy help!

    hey guys, i am still trying to get set for my first hunting trip and just started to think about the whole mounting, preservation idea, so i began wondering...
    lets say i kill a red fox right, and i want to keep the tail and get it preserved/tanned... how would i go about getting it into the taxidermy? is it possible for me to mail it, or do i have to transport it myself, and about how much would it cost and how long would it take? should i begin researching on a taxidermy near the area that i will be hunting, and how soon would i have to take the animal there after i have killed it?

    and lets say i want to get a white tail deer shoulder mount, do i have to take him the head only or can i take him the whole deer and he just cuts off the head and what not?

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    I'm located in Clifton nj , give me a call and I will answer your questions... 551-206-2623. -jay

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