For Sale 2009 LH Black & Camo Hoyt Alphamax 35


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    2009 LH Black & Camo Hoyt Alphamax 35

    This LH Alphamax 35 is 60-70lbs and has the XTR#3 Cam with the B module which makes it a 29 1/2" draw. I also have a set of XTR#2 cams and the E module for those which would be a 29" draw...(also have the the cables and strings for the #2 cams). The #3 cams that are on the bow now are adjustable with different modules from 29 1/2" to 31" and the #2 cams could be adjusted from 27" to 29" with the proper modules. This bow will not have a sight or rest, but does have a d-loop, kisser, and peep still in the string. The riser does have some marks that I think are normal for a 3 or 4 year old bow that has seen its share of woods time. The biggest marks are where the sight and rest were attached, but aren't noticeable when these items are installed. I'm asking $500 for the bare bow and will do $550 if someone needs the #2 cams, modules and strings. I'm not going to change out the cams, but would just send the bow as it is with both sets of cams and mods and the buyer can get them changed. Payment will be through PayPal and I will cover shipping.

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    ttt...great shooting bow, but i've just upgraded to the Vector Turbo!

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    Price Drop...$480 bow as is...$530 with the extra cams, mods and strings.

    Any offers will be entertained

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    Ok I was out of town for the weekend and wasn't able to update this thread. Price drop to $440 for the bare bow and $490 if you want the extras to adjust draw length.

    Let's get this's just sitting around!

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    bump for the night

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    No one wants a great bow without the $800 price tag!?

    Price drop...$420 and $470

  12. #9 one needs a sweet bow!? Not even any offers on this!

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    Price Drop...$410 & $460

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    afternoon bump

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    send pics.

    Quote Originally Posted by archer85 View Post
    afternoon bump
    send me pics to t INTERESTED!

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    Do you want different pictures than the ones in my first post or those same ones?

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    pm's returned

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    bump bump

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    Price Drop...$400 and $450. TYD. I like paypal but would take a money would just have to clear my bank before I ship.


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    PRICE DROP!!!! $380 and $430 I'm not sure I can go much lower, but it is just sitting around my house. Someone has got to have an offer out there!

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    Price Drop...$360 for the bare bow as it's set up (29 1/2" draw) I'll take $400 for the bow plus the extra cams and strings which would allow you to make it any draw length you need with the proper mods.

    Let's move this thing!!!

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