5 Toms but no hens???


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    Talking 5 Toms but no hens???

    Hello-Was wondering if anyone on AT could shed some light on this. I live in Northern Ohio and drive around everynight looking for turkeys. I see the same 5 toms but they never have hens with them. I have not seen a hen since last bow season. I woke up early yesturday and today to listen to em thinking maybe they would not gobble-due to no hens around. This was not the case-they were screaming their heads off. So my question is-Have the hens gone to lay eggs already, or are these 5 dudes just not interested in the other sex

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    Most hens should be nesting by now. You are seeing the boys out cruising for some single ladies.

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    Thanks-Monday is our opening day. I will just have to see what they gobble to. I'm not complaining about 5 long beards, but I love the challenge of pulling a strutter from a hot hen to me.

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    Hunt if you can. You either have 5 sub-dominant toms together and the boss gobbler is with a hen(s) or all the hens are nesting and the boss is in the group. The gobblers drive is not going to die because the hens are nesting. Don't be supprised of all 5 come in strutting. My best weeks turkey hunting I would never see a hen (PA).

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    Another thing odd I have seen specific to this year is the jake population. I seen one jake all on his lonesome. Maybe the hatch last year was poor? Or maybe they are not out when I make my hot laps at night? I am just used to seeing a flock of 20 hens/strutters and stumbling acrossed a group of 5-6 jakes hanging together.
    Another problem could be that our wheat is already a foot tall hiding the birds.

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    Any Ohioans or others got the same problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by weave View Post
    Most hens should be nesting by now. You are seeing the boys out cruising for some single ladies.

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    Hens are starting to nest in some areas. The gobblers form bachelor groups this time of year thats why you are seeing a group of all toms.

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    they need to adjust turkey season dates on ohio in my opinion. by the 2nd or 3rd week of our season as it is now, doubtful the toms will still be interested. they have been gobbling in southern ohio for over a month as it is now. it wont start until 4/22 next year either.

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    Well hopefully next year its not 80 degrees 3 weeks before season. That didnt help matters any.

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