For Sale Athens eXceed 300 - Orange Fade - 30/70 - RH


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    Athens eXceed 300 - Orange Fade - 30/70 - RH

    Bow is in excellent shape. Brand new string and cables made out of BCY 8190. I also have a set of 452x in Royal Blue and Flame that will be included, less than 200 shots in them.

    Pricing is for bow only, however if you want any accessories (or all) we can discuss that via pm.

    $500 tyd. 3d season is here and this is a great bow, I have decided to re-focus on my hunting more so I will not be needing the target specific bow.

    Only trade would be for an Athens Afflixtion.


    Here is the other set of strings on it


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    It's Friday!!

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    how about $450 tyd

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