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    stealth customs recurve

    Guys ,I have a Stealth Customs Recurve for sale. It is a takedown similiar to a black widow in design. 62", 56lbs in great condition. A few minor scratches. limbs are straight and true. Shoots really well and points great. Just too much bow for me. I will take 350.00 for it. Not interested in trades at this time and thanks for looking.

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    Oh, I forgot to mention price is plus shipping via USPS w delivery confirmation and prefer paypal as payment. 350 + shipping is a steal on this sweet shooter!

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    If anyone has an interest in this sweet takedown, I can send cell pics to you. Just PM your # and I can show any angle you prefer. It is a beautiful bow with great wood. One thing, it has a fairly large grip, so those with small hands might not find it comfortable. Dont be afraid to make an offer, the worse I can say is no.

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    Here are a couple more pics. I am also waiting on a call from the man that use to build this bow to get a better idea of value. I think I am cheap on it , so price may change soon.

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    OK I know what I have now. It is a Mike Sullivan built Stealth takedown. serial #005 makes it one of his early takedowns. In pure traditional circles, its a rare and desirable recurve. Mr Sullivan hasnt made many bows but is well know to make great "shooters". I have 2 people on another site that knows what it is and are counting pennies to get it. I will stand by my 350.00+shipping price, but if anyone out there in AT land wants a great recurve at a very fair price, better jump pretty quick. Thanks

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    Tic, tock, tic, tock!

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    Best recurve youve never heard of! I will go 350 shipped TYD.

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    Had a nice conversation with Mr Sullivan this afternoon (The man that makes the Stealth bow). He said that he no longer makes the takedown recurves, but a 1 pc recurve replacement would run 780.00. if anyone is looking for a really good TD recurve, 350.00 to your door is a steal

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    Bump for 325.00 + shipping. Just need the funds for another project.TTT

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    Wake it up! Its saturday

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    I'd make you an offer. However, you'd not respond back to my PM w/ my low ball! Nice bow, Out of my $ range
    Love what you do, do what you love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwanty03 View Post
    I'd make you an offer. However, you'd not respond back to my PM w/ my low ball! Nice bow, Out of my $ range
    Thats cool. I would love to put it in your hands, just cant justify giving it away. I would be willing to go 330.00 TYD. Thats about it for me. Much cheaper and i would have to keep it. Thanks

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    Monday bump

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    Rock bottom,end of the world, I will wait for it to go down"dont bother" price 300 bucksTYD paypal GIFT.

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    cant believe there are no takers at 300 shipped.

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    bump it up

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    300.00 TYD paypal GIFT or you pay 3%. Steal this bow from me today

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    dont miss out on a great looking and great pointing/shooting bow for way less than half of replacement value at 300.00TYD. I will even through in a couple easton full metal jackets and a couple carbon express carbon rebels that I use to play with on this bow. Mike Sullivan of Stealth Custom Bows told me it would cost 780.00 to replace it. TTT

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    Last time offer....275.00 TYD paypal gift. I am an idiot to sell this low. TTT

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    morning bump

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    Pending sale.

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    Bump for good price.

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