For Sale 100Gr, Wasp Boss SST -5New/6Used


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    Cool 100Gr, Wasp Boss SST -5New/6Used

    5 are brand new and the lower 6 in the picture are slightly used but still in good shape.Inserts will not come with the heads.
    USPS Money Order or Cash in a dark envelope, anything other might be returned depending on your feedback!"No Paypal" $45tyd
    Pics to come!

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    11 heads for $45 is a steal

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    Since they went up to $35 for 3 this is a heck of a deal. free bump
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    thanks Goose this is a heck of a deal.ttt

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    sent a PM

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    sent you a PM

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    pm answered, lmk if payment terms are ok for you.thanks
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    sent you a PM

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    sold to shawbach!spf
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    sent you a PM

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