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Thread: 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo

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    2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo

    I have a Hoyt Vector Turbo for sell or trade. Bare bow listing. Hoyt rest peep and stabalizer is included. Sight NOT included. Asking $750.00 Set with up with 28.5 draw length now and I have 29.5 inch cams. I am willing to trade. This bow is a good shooter just not what I was looking for in a bow. Galax, Va.

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    pm sent

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    do you have pictures?, Can i give you a call? I am very interested.

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    trades??? i have a vantage elite plus?

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    Pm sent

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    Black riser and carbon looking limbs.

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    I am trying to sends pics. I thought I had it last night.

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    SORRY folks. I am trying to send pics and answer PM's nothing is working. I will post as soon as I get it figured out. Interested in mr7

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    i have mr6 black better shooter than mr7 had them both

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    I made mistake the limbs are #65 lbs.

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    If you send me you email adress i may be able to send by personal email rather then this sight

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    Would u text pics to(606)875-4245. Thanks

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    Do you still have this bow? If so please pm me with what your looking for as trades

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    Bow sold! Thank you for the look. Trying to learn to post pics.

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