Help me pick a CARBON shaft.


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    Help me pick a CARBON shaft.

    As the title says i have never shot carbons out of a recurve its been woodys for a short time then aluminums for the past 20+ years. I'm shooting a Pittsley Predator at 60#, drawing the full 28" maybe 1/4 more my shafts are currently 29 1/2 inches long and would like to stay at a 125 grn point and standard inserts if possible. These will be used for deer sized animals. Thanks in advance.

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    My Thunderchild and Grizzly are both about 58 or 59 pounds at my 29 in draw. I get good results with .400 spine Full Metal Jackets cut to 29.5 and 225 to 250gr up front with standard inserts. 125gr with standard inserts are a little stiff for my set-ups.
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    I dont shoot in the 60# area more 50# but Ive been real happy with AD Hammerhead lites cut 29inches and 160 to 175 out front. I like a heavy arrow though.

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    .400 or . 350 spine

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    Id prolly try a full length 250 heritage for starters
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    I'd probably go with full length .340s. I've been pretty pleased with Cabela's Stalker Extreme arrows (I believe they're Bemans). Full length with 125s, they weigh about 466 grains. They're screamers out of my heavier bows.

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