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    nock point

    is there a general rule of thumb on placement of nock. ie. even, 1/8 high etc. does it change with the draw wieght of bow? currently shoot 48# 28" off of shelf

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    No matter what I shoot, split-finger, three under, shelf, or elevated rest, I always seem to come out at 1/8" above based on arrow tune.

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    I start even and just keep playing until I get the best possible arrow flight, which usually seems to be around 1/8" high.

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    everyone is a little different - start high and tune until you find the sweet spot - and a double nock point is a good idea as well - especially if you shoot three fingers under.

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    Off the shelf, start at 1/2" above square.

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    Or better yet, read this and learn how to tune your bow so you aren't dependent upon others to take wild guesses for you.
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    My nock sets on both of my two recurves are set at 5/8". I shoot split finger, one over, two under.
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