Waverly Archers Bowhunter Open


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    Waverly Archers Bowhunter Open

    Waverly Bow Hunter 3D OPEN – 1 Sept 2012
    $2,000 to win Bow Hunter Freestyle purse
    $1,200 Male BH Freestyle
    $800 Female BH Freestyle
    Limited to the first 200 Male Bow Hunter Freestyle Shooters
    50 Female Bow Hunter Freestyle Shooters
    Affiliation: This is an open Shoot, open to everyone. This will also be a 2013 IBO World Qualifying event.

    Equipment: Any bow is allowed, Sight may have up to five fixed pins must all be the same size, magnification is not allowed, and sight light is allowed. Sight cannot be adjusted after entering the range. Arrow speed must be a minimum of five grains per inch per pound of draw weight, total length of stabilizers under 11.5 inches at back of the bow. Rear un-weighted vibration dampers are allowed. All equipment will be checked upon check in for your shooting group. IBO Rules will be used to govern this event. Pro/Semi Pro/Freestyle/Limited/Young Adult/Youth/Cubs may use movable sights and lenses.

    Targets: 40 Unmarked 3D animals, Scoring Rings are 12, 10, 8 for vitals, - 5 for any other arrows.

    Distances: Pro/Semi Class – 55 yards max +/- 2 yards
    Freestyle Class – 55 yards max +/- 2 yards
    BH Freestyle Class 45 yards max +/- 2 yards
    Limited Class – 35 yards max +/- 2 yards
    YA Class (15 -18) – 35 yards max +/- 2 yards
    Youth Class (12-14) – 30 yards max +/- 2 yards
    Cub Class (8-11) – 30 yards max +/- 2 yards

    Deadline for registration 3 August 2012 must be post marked. All other classes will have a 70% total payback. If tournament sells out we will open a second shoot on Sunday 2 Sept 2012. Applications are being taken for Sunday line times also now, if needed.

    Registration Fees: $35 includes lunch ticket. Late Registration: BHFS - $55 after 3 August 2012. PRO/Semi Pro $100 late $125; YA/Youth - $25 Late $35; Cubs - $15 Late $25. There will be a 25% cancellation fee after 17 Aug 2012. Payment can be made via paypal rfarrbow@paypal.com. Or by sending a check or money order to: Waverly Archery Club address below. Please use certified mail for tracking purposes if using CK/MO.

    Host Club: Waverly Archers, 1801 18th St Ave SE, Waverly Iowa 50677, Exit 198 highway 218/Ave of the Saints, 1st Stop light turn right on 29th Ave SE, turn left on 11th St SE, Turn Right on 18th Ave SE, Archery Range is at the END on the street.

    The pay outs for BH Freestyle Class will be as follows (contingency of a full shooting class: IE 200 Males/50 Females), lesser numbers of shooters, then we will revert back to the 70% payback rules:
    Male Female
    1st - $1,200 6th - $150 1st - $800
    2nd – $650 7th - $100 2nd – $420
    3rd – $520 8th - $75 3rd - $210
    4th - $375 9th- $50 4th - $105
    5th – $250 10th - $25 5th - $50

    The pay outs for other classes will be as follows: If there is only three shooters in said class the 70% of the prize money will be paid out to first place. If there are eight shooters in said class then first place (40%) and second place (30%) will be paid. If there is 14 Shooters in said class then top three places will be awarded. 1st if three (3) paid shooters (40%), 2nd if eight (8) paid shooters (20%), and 3rd if 14 paid shooters (10%).

    Shooting groups: Shooting time will be set as entries are taken earliest time will be 7am. You will receive your start time and score card once your application has been processed. All shooting groups will have four members. We will be using double scoring system. There will be range officials stationed the course checking equipment and making official calls. There will be a 2 min time limit and three let down rule in place. Fourth let down or going over time will result in a zero for that target. Each group has an 8 minute time limit. Time starts when the group ahead exits the target.

    Viewing equipment: Rangefinders, laser pointers, cameras, phones, etc, will not be used while on the course, except in cases of emergency. Immediate disqualification will result Binoculars have no restrictions. Binoculars/Monocular which have rangefinders built in are NOT allowed.

    Disputes: All disputes must be in a written format and have a $75 cash deposit turned in up to one hour after your shooting completion, to the Waverly Archery Club. WAC will make the final decision on the disputes.

    Contacts: Brian (319) -231 - 5637, Finley Manifold – 641-857-6664 Enclose self addressed stamped return envelope for your Start Time and Score card.
    Please Circle your class

    NAME: ______________________________ ______________________________ _
    (LAST) (FIRST) (MI)

    MAILING ADDRESS: ______________________________ _ Sex: ________________

    CITY: _____________________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: ______

    TELEPHONE OR CONTACT NUMBER: _____-______-___________
    REGISTRATION FEES TOTAL: _________________________

    SIGNATURE: ______________________________ __________________________
    By signing you are agreeing with the above rules, terms and conditions.

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    Keep this shoot in mind only 200 spots for the Bowhunter and 50 for the ladies.

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    There are still spots available in all classes for this shoot, Is now an IBO World Qualifier. The PayPal Address is Incorrect it should be rfarrbow@netins.net for preregistration. thank you for your time.

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