A sad message for you LADY'S


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    A sad message for you LADY'S

    A member and very dear friend of your's and mine,husband has passed away this morning.Al Manning,this is "exit 25 bows" NETTIE MANNING'S husband,partner and best friend.She and AL shared a lot of years together enjoying life to the fullest,but this sport that we all share here was and has been the gift they built together for new people like myself and our children to enjoy.Nettie speaks quite often of her new friends she is makeing on this forum for you ladies to share in,Al loved to listen to her talk about the shareing of exspierence's and knowedege she also found with all of you.So I feel he would have wanted you to know you're friend and her family need you're kind and loveing prayer's......skip,Thank you.

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    Thumbs up grieving

    Even though I did not know the Manning's, An archer is a friend of all archers and share the grief as well.
    May GOD be with them and look after them in their need.

    shoot em straight

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    The name is not familiar but perhaps we had met at Watkins Glen for nationals. In any case, my thoughts go out to her and the family.

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    my condolences.

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    No way!! When and how did this happen!!! He was a great guy!

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    Sorry to hear of such a loss.

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