Reaper Accuracy Question? Need Input!


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    Question Reaper Accuracy Question? Need Input!

    I noticed, while practicing, that a Grim Reaper 1 3/8" was not flying accurately. This head appeared to shoot alright when I first installed it, but is now not keeping pace with field point/practice heads/ or my magnus buzzcuts. The blades do not appear to be tight to the ferrule, and I'm thinking this may have something to do with the accuracy issue. I am curious if any of you have had the same issue, and how it was resolved. I decided to try Reapers, and I really want them to work. Your input is greatly appreciated!

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    Look over the broadhead maybe its damaged as the razortips are one of the best flying broadheads out there. Mine fly like fieldpoints and have left good bloodtrails....They will work out of your set up

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    I'm wondering if the spring loses tension after it has been shot a few times?

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    Is it spinning well? Sometimes mine get a rare wobble when I spin test them...and thus don't fly well. It is not common, but does happen occasionally. Generally, they are just like field points out to 60 yards, for me.

    Also, make sure you check the arrow, as that could be an issue. Try the head on a different arrow.
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    I discovered by comparing this head to the other new ones that the blades are no longer tight to the ferrule. I'm thinking spring tension had something to do with it?

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    Talked to Jayce with Grim Reaper Customer Service. He confirmed my suspiscion about the spring tention. He is also sending me (free!) a few new springs! Great service, friendly staff!

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    Yeah great heads and service...

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