2012 vendetta -vs- supra


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    2012 vendetta -vs- supra

    For guys that have shot both 2012 models (our PSE shop here will likely never carry either) how do you compare them? It looks like the vendetta is only 2 fps faster on the specs, but 3" shorter axle/axle, and a bit lighter, but how do the draw curve and walls compare? Though I suppose the bomar stops can make either wall rock solid. Do they both have the same grip shape?

    Mostly looking for a do it all bow, hunting, some 3D, maybe a field round, which is currently an ultratec cam 1/2 so I'm used to a longer axle/axle, I also like a heavier bow so weight isn't an issue. I was kind of set on the supra but everyone seems to love the super smooth vendetta draw and my wrecked shoulders might appreciate that if it's significantly smoother than the ME on the supra.

    Tried doing some searching but didn't see much comparing the 2012 models, mostly 2011's and it seems both have changed quite a bit for the new year.


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    I have a supra and Evo 7. I bought the supra for paper, 3d, and backup hunting bow. I have shot the vendetta dc and loved it but I like a little longer ata for paper and 3d so I went with the supra. The vendetta has a really nice draw and is a shooter I just thought the Evo 7 was smooth as silk and quiet as a mouse so I chose it for my hunting bow and the supra for everything else. Hope it helps and good luck

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    my buddy is on staff with PSE and he chose the Vendetta over the Supra he liked the draw cycle better he said and felt it just shot better if that helps

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    The Vendetta is a great bow. smooth draw, nice valley, solid back wall, very quite. I've not shot the Supra

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    I've had both and still have the DC, is nice but for me a better do it all would probably be the 2011 VXL, I would however choose the DC for hunting. I'll sell you mine ; )
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    The draw cycle on the Vendetta is better than the Supra ME if you are drawing 29" or greater.- the Vendetta DC is a fine bow. And it would make a great do it all bow but so would the Supra ME. To me it would depend upon draw length, If I was less than 29" I would choose the Supra. I am building a Supra with Evo cams because I am a 30" draw and the Supra ME is a little stiff on 30" draw but the lower draw lengths is smoother.
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    Good info on the draw length I know that can really effect the draw curve on some cams, I'm right in the 28" range.

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    I just got my Supra Me. Im using it for spots and maybe some 3D. Its way too long for hunting IMO. The Vendetta is a nice bow as well...

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    I have both, like the supra for 3d comp and the vendetta dc I'll use for hunting this season. If I had to pick one to do both it would be the supra, I don't think a 37" bow is to long to hunt with in fact I'll most likely kill a deer with the supra this year...

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