Promo Video Comparing the Cube Hybrid to the 18-1


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  1. Promo Video Comparing the Cube Hybrid to the 18-1

    A short promo video showing the advantages of the Cube Hybrid over the 18 to 1 Target. The only real advantage the 18-1 has is being able to shoot it with broadheads with out a special core....but then you are cutting up a hundred bucks with broadheads, as opposed to thirty for a core with the Cube Hybrid...and your fieldpoint target is still in one piece when you are finished.

    Let me know what you think. Thank you!

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  3. To give you an idea of the durability and the stopping power of the Cube Hybrid, I thought I would post a video I came across on YouTube. I have no idea who this fellow is, he obviously bought the Cube Hybrid, liked it so much he wanted to show everyone how well it worked...I appreciate this, and am happy someone likes our targets this much!!

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