Does water/waves trigger a trail cam?


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    Does water/waves trigger a trail cam?

    I helped my mother put up a floating loon nest near her shoreline a few weeks ago. The loons are nested in it now. I am wondering if I put a post in with a trail cam on it if the waves and moving water will constantly set off the trigger. Anybody have experience with something like this?
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    I set one just below a beaver dam about 18" above the dam and had at least 90 false triggers of the ripples, very windy so alot more then ripples, in a 4 or so day period. Imagine you could turn the sensitivity way down to help minimize it though. Don't know if maybe something underneath the camera to block the fresnel sensing there? Assume since it still would catch it out aways that this wouldn't work.

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    Yes, it could happen.

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