2012 Bow bird #1 for the season.


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    2012 Bow bird #1 for the season.

    556260_3712797865807_1451469856_3222064_781277845_n.jpg finally I got out from behind the camera... Not a giant. 21 /9.5/3/4 but awesome footage. We took 6 birds in 3 days on film among us. Pauly and I got 2 of them.

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    Nice bird with a bow.congrats

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    Not a giant, you want a 25lber geeez. Well done sully, you guys hammered em opening week. Congrats buddy. We going to have a good start for our DVD

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    Just once I want one with huge hooks. Im not complaining. Im happy to have had birds in this terrible weather.

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    Very nice... lots of wet bird pics this season here in MA! congrats

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